Road to Reentry Companion Guide

About the Booklet

© 2020 | 64 pages

This booklet helps returning citizens navigate the complex reentry process.

The guide provides information, resources, worksheets, and activities to help individuals make a successful transition from incarceration to their community and employment. It helps individuals develop a plan for the future and build skills for using a range of tools and techniques to decrease their risk of reincarceration and increase their chances of success.

Ideal for Use with the Road to Reentry Video Series.

This booklet has five sections that correspond to each video program in the Road to Reentry Video Series.

  1. Reconnecting with Family and Community
  2. Meeting Basic Needs
  3. Making Healthy Choices
  4. Finding Employment
  5. Succeeding on the Job
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Key Features

Key Features

  • Provides discussion questions that can be used to enhance self-reflection, develop critical-thinking skills, and promote self-understanding. Readers are asked to reflect on a question or statement and journal their responses.
  • Includes 10 activities and 17 worksheets to help readers absorb new information and explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  • Offers tips to provide readers with additional information or lead them to resources they may find valuable.
  • Includes a free Administrator's Guide.
  • Lends flexibility to be used by individuals or within group settings.
  • Available in packages of 10.
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