Using Computers in the Medical Office 2016

About the Courseware

Copyright: 2018 | Pages: 411

Author: Audrey Roggenkamp

Using Computers in the Medical Office 2016 teaches key computer competencies and shows students how to create a range of medical office documents using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2016. Offering an accelerated, project-based approach, this courseware features step-by-step instructions and real-world scenarios to help students create realistic documents such as:

  • Medical history and physical examination reports
  • Consultation letters
  • Chart notes
  • Purchase orders
  • A variety of presentations
  • Budget, payroll, billing, and staff reports

Getting Started in Office 2016

Unit 1. Using Word in the Medical Office
1. Creating and Editing a Document
2. Formatting Characters and Paragraphs
3. Formatting and Enhancing a Document
4. Formatting with Special Features

Unit 2. Using Excel in the Medical Office
1. Analyzing Data Using Excel
2. Editing and Formatting Worksheets
3. Printing and Working with Tables
Integrating Programs 1. Word and Excel

Unit 3. Using PowerPoint in the Medical Office
1. Preparing a Presentation
2. Editing Slides and Slide Elements
Integrating Programs 2. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

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Courseware Features

Courseware Features

  • Authentic medical documents provide the context for learning and practicing essential computer tasks performed in the medical office.
  • Coverage of Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer ensures that students understand how to navigate their computer systems and the Internet.
  • Skills assessments and reviews provide students many opportunities to demonstrate what they've learned.
  • The features summary reviews concepts covered in the chapter.

The student eBook provides access to the content in Using Computers in the Medical Office 2016 from any device (desktop, tablet, and smartphone) anywhere, through a live Internet connection. Students can jump to specific pages, search for terms, bookmark information, highlight text, and take notes.

Instructor Resources

Instructor Resources

All instructor resources are available through a web-based eBook at The instructor materials include:

  • Assessment resources, including live and PDF model answers for section work and workbook activities, section-based exam banks, and instructional teaching articles.
  • Planning resources, such as course objectives, teaching suggestions, and sample course syllabi.