Career exploration

Discover resources that help individuals connect their interests to careers and develop future plans.

Job search

Find solutions designed especially for people who need support overcoming employment barriers.

Career success

Help clients and students keep their jobs once they find them and build the skills needed for ongoing career success.

College preparation and success

Find a variety of resources for students or clients considering post-secondary education or transitioning to college.

Military transitions

Help veterans overcome the challenges they face finding civilian jobs, planning next steps, and navigating the system of veterans’ benefits.


Find solutions that help returning citizens prepare for release, achieve employment, and make positive life choices.

Life skills

Help your clients or students develop communication, money management, and other key life skills.


As part of Paradigm Education Solutions, we also provide courseware that develops individuals' skills in Microsoft Office, computer concepts, keyboarding, health careers, and accounting. Visit to learn more.

Special offers

Browse limited-time offers on select products and packages.