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Using this assessment, individuals will explore their strengths and preferences by analyzing and reflecting on their \"intelligences.\" Knowing what their most developed intelligences are will help them make smarter career choices and can lead to a variety of positive outcomes, including:

  • Increased educational growth and opportunity.
  • Increased focus in choosing a college major.
  • A better understanding of what one has to offer an employer.
  • A way to focus potential career options and find a job that matches one's talents, abilities, and work preferences.

Work Smarts can be completed in 15 minutes and is ideal for use as an occupational exploration and career development tool in high schools and colleges of all kinds. It can also have value in workforce programs looking for a holistic way to assess an individual's occupational interests as well as their potential strengths as an employee.

The Work Smarts assessment feeds into the following eight scales corresponding to eight intelligences:

  • People Smart
  • Self Smart
  • Logic Smart
  • Spatial Smart
  • Word Smart
  • Music Smart
  • Body Smart
  • Nature Smart

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ISBN 9781593577094

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