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Not everybody is right for every job, and not every job is right for everybody. In fact, your personality - those characteristics, traits, and preferences that make you who you are - is a major factor in determining which occupations are best for you. People who follow career paths that match their personalities are more likely to be satisfied and successful.

This DVD introduces you to one of the best ways to discover which jobs are right for your personality. It's called the RIASEC personality theory, and it is a time-tested tool for exploring and deciding on a career. You learn how the tasks and work environments of several different jobs correspond to various personality types and which jobs are a better fit for each type. Along the way you will discover careers that match your personality type the best.

The RIASEC theory was developed by psychologist John Holland and features the six personality types: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional.

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ISBN 9781593577889

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