A Secure, Closed-Network Learning Solution for Incarcerated Individuals

Paradigm Gateway equips individuals with notebook devices that are pre-populated with educational courseware and re-entry resources. With this solution, correctional institutions can overcome technology barriers to give incarcerated individuals better opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge needed to achieve employment and successfully reintegrate into their communities.

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Paradigm Gateway
Paradigm Gateway

Courseware and Resources

Correctional institutions have flexibility to select a variety of course content and resources to provide to learners, including:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Digital Literacy
  • Accounting
  • Re-entry Preparation
  • Life Skills
  • Financial Literacy
  • Career Exploration
  • Job Seeking
  • Soft Skills
  • Career Success


Key Features

  • No Internet access is needed—each notebook device is secure and offers out-of-the-box functionality.

  • Pre-populated notebook devices allow incarcerated individuals to learn beyond computer labs and classrooms.

  • ADA-compliant, easy-to-use content and resources are ideal for individuals with special needs and limited literacy skills.

  • Complimentary instructor resources help educators administer Paradigm Gateway effectively and provide support to incarcerated individuals.

  • Professional development training, onboarding preparation, and technical support equip institutions to seamlessly implement Paradigm Gateway.

Paradigm Gateway
Paradigm Gateway

Varied Learning Activities

Paradigm Gateway content varies by the courseware and resources a correctional institution selects. Content may include:

  • interactive tutorials
  • videos
  • eBooks
  • watch and learn lessons
  • quizzes
  • exams

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