Experience the virtual workforce center that accelerates employment success

Technology is transforming how job seekers and young people access employment services and prepare to join the workforce.

Instead of relying on professionals or educators to tell them what to do in their career exploration or job search, job seekers and young people can now access powerful online tools like JIST Gateway. This virtual workforce center empowers individuals to be self-reliant and better informed about how to be proactive in their career development.


Convenient Online Access to Career Development Tools

Using JIST Gateway’s assessments, videos, and eBooks, individuals can:

  • Explore occupations, develop career plans, and improve job search skills
  • Build essential soft skills and life skills
  • Receive periodic triggers prompting self-reflection and next-step action

Collect Data

As clients or students access and complete resources in JIST Gateway, workforce professionals and educators get real-time, automated analytics that provide valuable insight on an individuals’ needs, goals, activities, progress, and more. This reporting is stored, easily exported, and ideal for sharing with stakeholders to demonstrate service delivery and program effectiveness.


Control Content

Workforce professionals and educators have full autonomy over JIST Gateway resources, giving them control to eliminate distractions and ensure resources are tailored to the unique needs of their clients or students. JIST Gateway offers:

  • resources written at a sixth-grade reading level
  • contemporary videos and picture-based tools for visual learners
  • tools for ESL or special needs individuals

Create an Individualized Plan

Professionals serving hard-to-employ populations can leverage JIST Gateway to create individualized employment plans and access tools that address the objectives of those plans. The system’s content provides periodic triggers that prompt clients to self-reflect and take action without waiting for a professional’s advisement about what to do next.


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