QUICK Resume Guide

About the Booklet

Author: Michael Farr
© 2010 | 62 pages

This information-packed booklet helps individuals master the basics of resume writing and develop the foundation for a solid resume quickly.

Readers are provided with sample resumes, helpful worksheets, and practical advice to help them build effective resumes to get ahead of other candidates and achieve their employment goals.

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Key Features

  • Available in packages of 10
  • Includes complimentary Instructor's Tips.
  • Part of the best-selling Quick Guides series.
  • Guides individuals through six essential steps:
    • Step 1: Master resume basics
    • Step 2: Write a simple resume in about an hour
    • Step 3: Create a skills resume in just a few hours
    • Step 4: Develop a cover letter and other job search correspondence
    • Step 5: Use your resume on the Internet
    • Step 6: Polish and perfect your resume
Quick Resume Guide

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