A cloud-based environment that develops job seekers' and learners' digital literacy skills

Cirrus is a next-generation learning environment that builds foundational to mastery-level skills in Microsoft Office and computer concepts. Cirrus seamlessly delivers training and assessment activities in a cloud-based environment that learners can access anytime, anywhere. No installations required. Video demonstrations and text-based instructions teach learners exactly how to perform skills successfully. Immediate, personalized feedback allows learners to pinpoint errors they make and understand how to self-correct those errors to stay on track with learning objectives.

Cirrus for Workforce


A secure, closed-network learning solution for incarcerated individuals

Paradigm Gateway equips incarcerated individuals with notebook devices that are pre-populated with educational courseware and re-entry resources. With this solution, correctional institutions can overcome technology barriers to give incarcerated individuals better opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge needed to achieve employment and successfully reintegrate into their communities.

Paradigm Gateway


The virtual workforce center that accelerates employment success

Technology is transforming how job seekers and young people access employment services and prepare to join the workforce. Instead of relying on professionals or educators to tell them what to do in their career exploration or job search, job seekers and young people can now access powerful online tools like JIST Gateway. This virtual workforce center empowers individuals to be self-reliant and better informed about how to be proactive in their career development.

JIST Gateway