Anytime, Anywhere Access to Career and Life Skills Resources

The Cirrus learning environment gives job seekers and students convenient, online access to a customizable suite of career development and life skills tools.

From assessments and videos to eBooks and facilitator resources, your program or course has flexibility to provide job seekers or students with a wide range of resources they can access from the convenience of their own homes.

Using Cirrus, you'll be able to easily track individuals' results, while enjoying the flexibility and convenience of assisting job seekers and students online.

Cirrus for Job Seeking, Career Success, and Life Skills

With Cirrus, you can:

  • Administer online assessments and quickly and easily view individuals' results.
  • Provide job search, career, and life skills guidance through engaging videos and eBooks that include activities and exercises.
  • Access complimentary facilitator resources that offer tips and activities for using JIST's resources with job seekers and students.
  • Deliver digital literacy training that includes a resume-building learning module and hands-on activity.
Cirrus for Job Seeking, Career Success, and Life Skills

View Resources Available in Cirrus

With Cirrus, you have flexibility to pick and choose from a variety of JIST's resources to best meet the objectives of your program or course.

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Cirrus for Job Seeking, Career Success, and Life Skills